A few things we’re on top of

We do more but this is where our specialties out perform


Deployment of Business Server Solutions from single dedicated machines to cloud managed


Design and installation of wifi mesh networks for warehousing, large premises and offices


Providing monitoring to all aspects of manufacturing to ensure you know whats going on


We have deployed countless software systems to manage, report, self repair and alert our customers

Proven Statistics

Built to last, Easy to use

We have countless customers where repair or maintenance is minor to none. Our products are manufactured to the industry it is being deployed. From harsh humid environments to devices providing thousands of cycles a second

Our Software Statics

We are strong believers on sharing our results see our customers stream rates here

Average Sensor Communications per 24hr
Alerts average per 24 hours
Bandwidth Usage in GB per 24hrs
Average lifespan of Sensor In Days

Want to jump in?

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Rack Mate Servers Targeted Use

Rack Mate provides data centre services including leasing of equipment. All of our services are tailored for the environment and application. All services include the below and more.

Backups of backups

We don’t mess around we know data is important. We make sure your data is safe in the event of hardware failure and backup to a minimum of two external locations

Targeted software for the application

We make sure the service you get and all software packages are the most efficient for the application. 

Transit and access

We make sure the service is capable of what the user requires. Need a bit more throughput we have you covered


We make sure the front door keys are not left under the mat. We make sure only you can access your data.


Rack Mate Wifi. Communicate.

Rack Mate’s Wifi is not like the rest. We deploy a solution that makes the service stable with no dropouts. Our design and deployment solutions need to keep up with our impressive sensor update rates. We do extensive in house testing to ensure that the solution we deploy is right


We have sensors deployed communicating 100’s of meters away over 2.4ghz wifi

Tin Can Interference

We’ve been deploying Wifi in Factories and manufacturing locations for 15 years. We design to ensure there is little to no interferance


Our Business and Residential solutions are made for speed. Using the latest version and optimal placing we can achieve those speeds listed on the box

Fail over

We know items fail. We plan for this during our design phase to ensure coverage is still usable in the event a device stops responding


Our Bread and Butter. Manufacturing. Warehousing.

Rack Mate has been deploying monitoring system in factories, warehousing and plants for years. We’re here to stop downtime, reduce risk and provide useful data to help efficiency


Need a solution to make sure your expensive equipment is maintained correctly and avoid downtime? We make products specifcally for this use case


Our products keep tabs on areas where you can’t. Avoiding collisions, slips and equipment breakage.


We provide useful data for cycle times, human resources and travel times to let you better understand where potential issues are

Stop the sudden and unexpected

Our solutions are there to prevent not only equipment downtime but to save re-allocation of human resources. Keeping your scheduling on time.